*  Plain Cake Set  $ 25.00

Shopping on-line is coming soon.

At present you can e-mail the codes to tanya@lamourstationery.com.au

for any of the items you see on this web site.


 Cake knife and server:  (i) in a  black velvet  case   $ 120.00

 Cheese knives and servers (ii) in  a black velvet case  $ 65.00

 A special gift a cheese knife  (iii) in a black velvet case  $45.00

Beautiful real crystal necklace on fine synthetic thread to give an illusion crystals in space looks great on a sleeveless dress.

Eye rings just finish the look

The necklace that finishes as a " V" $ 280.00

The Necklace that finishes in a criss-cross effect $ 300.00

Eye rings $50.00


A Good Luck Charm - Horse Shoe in Perspex $10.00

 Wedding guest book   $22.00

    24x16cm white with white ribbon and bling


 3 sizes of metal ,bling and pearl picture frames :   perfect for a formal wedding table setting- an after the wedding to give to you special guests or family.

Large size  15x12cm       $25.00

Medium size 12x9 cm    $20.00

Small size 6.5x 4.5 cm    $12.00